Single Point of Contact signifies just one expert being able to resolve any problems that may crop up, from simply furnishing products to arranging a highly sophisticated consultation. Where’s the advantage? Your SOPlink contact’s expertise is no longer limited to one field. He is also an informed consultant, aware of problems past and present, of each company’s unique set-up and of it’s particular needs and requirements. And the human element is not to be underestimated. SOPlink arranges for a a single reference person to communicate with, a known and trusted contact who is available to give advice when help is needed.

Moreover, SOPlink doesn’t limit itself to immediate problems. It takes to heart monitoring all those aspects that lie beyond the direct needs and activities of a client company, keeping it’s finger on the pulse of an IT world that is in a constant state of technical evolution. A modest investment to update and adapt could mean avoiding hidden traps that lead to suffering sudden, unexpected losses while giving a business the necessary support it needs to keep up with the times.